Table Lamp is not Only Home Decoration

Posted on September 24, 2010

Some people arrange their bedroom in accordance to up dated styles or trend that sometimes it does not fit to the need of the dwellers, for instance, the use of table lamp. In the interior magazines or websites, present many pictures of lovely bedroom decorated with bedside table and table lamp on it. Thus, it considers as the latest and update design and trends for most people. In fact, most of us always turn of the light before sleep. In this case table light consider as home decoration instead its main function. Of course, it is different from other kinds of lamp such as chandelier that is made as a home d├ęcor. This kind of decorated lamp purposes to enhance the room.

Table lamp in the bedroom usually made with dim light, which useful for them who cannot sleep in the darkness. The light is not too bright, makes us more relax when go to bed. Some people usually read before they go to bed thus need light, but in fact table lamp is not suitable for it. The light is not bright enough for to illuminate when reading a book or magazine. It is better to find appropriate lamp for this purpose.

Dimmer equipped lamp is recommended for bedroom, as it provides comfort to the eyes when sleep and relax. We are able to arrange the intensity of the light, when used to read, adjust the intensity of light so much brighter. Set the dimmer to make less luminous intensity when go to bed.