Spacious Space in a Narrow Room

Posted on February 25, 2011

Limited land and other problem related to it, probably consider not a “matter” at all, as present living space, particular in big city, is built smaller less spaces. Many of interior magazines, decoration sites suggest many tricks and tip how to enlarge or create wide view in the house.

Smaller or narrow space psychologically made people feel uncomfortable and tight. Then they tried to renovate the house to make it wider, in fact, there some trick to create a spacious impression inside. The right patterns, shapes and colors can great combination for the small living space. The combination of shapes and pattern will bring other perspective in the interior, for example, horizontal plane can be applied to impress a wider room. Well, it is more budget cuts than if you decide to renovate the house.

Mirror is always success to expand the particular room. Mirror reflects the room thus impresses the particular room looks more wide and spacious. Horizontal line gives such an illusion for everyone who looks at. The room seems longer than the actual size. Other stuff or some home decoration made in horizontal perspective, for example, frames made in straight line. It gives the same effect for the room impression.

The furniture used also influence the impression created. Low buffet elongated probably the perfect match in it. Simple and sleek design as well create a light impression that is appropriate used in the small and narrow space.