Light as a Home Decoration

Posted on October 8, 2010

Lighting is an alternative to bring different atmosphere in the room as light enables to provide dramatic appearance. How do we set the lighting if the particular room is fulfilled with various element and decoration? Somehow, if we get the wrong set of lighting it will look excessive. Light is able to increase the value as a home decor, or the fact that even ruin the aesthetic value of a material. Thus, the concept of light settings should be prepared early on to design the room.

Based on the theory of interior, light elements should not be seen too prominent compared to interior design. The light should help make the room look natural, not exaggerated, except for particular purposes, such as commercial. In certain cases, the room was crowded with various ornaments or home decoration. Then how is the perfect lighting should be?

In order not to give natural and not excessive lighting, simply adjust with the concept of interior design, since good lighting should be able to integrate with the room. For traditional-style room, select the dynamo light that supports this style. Antique lamps hanging from the ceiling is appropriate when placed in a room decorated with typical Javanese Gebyok. It simply strengthen traditional atmosphere, as well brings us to the past atmosphere. Understandably, this lamp is identical to the time of our grandparents. Here is the way to involve the concept of interior lighting. Look beautiful and not excessive.