How to Arrange Pictures on Wall

Posted on September 8, 2011

It is a pleasure to have comfort zone at home every day and there are basic elements of home decoration to create comfortable zone as you desired. One of the basic elements is arranging pictures on wall. Yes, simple arrangement could be ideal for your house and here is the brief review for you.

The first thing must be done is examine and measure the wall which will be used to hang the pictures. This examination includes the available space, types of the wall and finishing types for the wall. If you have done with the measurement of the available space then you can write down the information on a piece of paper or notebook. Types of wall also must be considered carefully since each type (wooden, brick, etc) of wall material have different characteristic so you need specific nails to hang the pictures. Finishing type either it is wallpaper or painting ideal for hanging pictures which used for home decoration.

You can arrange the pictures by size. Small size can come first then continues with larger pictures. Other technique is arranges pictures by color. You can mix pictures (the colorful and black/white pictures) on the same wall or you can separate the pictures on different wall. Please ensure spacing between the pictures to create harmony and try to use identical frame for certain pictures which have connectivity in theme. To find more tips of home decoration, please visit related websites in the internet today.