Home Decoration with Small Details

Posted on July 29, 2010

The use of small decoration at home will be more noticeable, if carried out properly and artistically.  Not simply put on the clothing or accessories such as necklaces, or earrings, but also in curtains, vitrase, tie back, and tassel.

A variety of beads and sequins can be easily purchased in stores. In addition, we can use various kinds of rocks for home decoration which are available in a variety of genuine stones, crystals, and imitation, which is made of plastic or acrylic. However the advantages of imitation stones are cheaper either lighter.

Beads made of metal, stone, wood, also sequins and buttons that will be put on the curtain has to be adjusted depending on the type of curtain material. Genuine stone, for example, is used for curtains made of thick fabric. Curtains made of light fabrics, for example, cotton or nylon vitrase, using imitation stone which are often in silver and gold color or decor it with wood beads. The selection of beads and sequins colors can be used in monochrome or made a contrasting with the fabric colors as well the placement in accordance with taste and preferences. Therefore home decor is not simply a matter of buying a painting faces or sculpture, but also the little things that can give a beautiful detail at home.