Home Decoration; the Use of Pattern

Posted on September 29, 2010

Patterned style is widely used in classical-style or country. However, it does not mean that it cannot use in other particular style such as modern minimalist or even ethnic style. Yet it is able to create a distinctive blend of style.

A modern minimalist style is still most people favorite, especially in Indonesia. Using a contrasting color as an accent or point of view is commonly used in this particular style as a home decoration. However, when applied in many places, the result is the room became crowded with colors that collide. Instead of modern-minimalist, the room is turned into a retro or contemporary style.

The use of pattern in the room has a different principle with color. a pattern brings a different atmosphere in the room either consider as a home decor. Generally, pattern or motif has a sort of message or special meaning. For example, old batik pattern, mega mendung, it has a meaning of sadness and despair. Thus, be careful in choosing some particular pattern as it contains a particular symbol either.

Take a notice that only certain patterns are suitable for modern minimalist style. Different from the country style which  commonly use colorful flower pattern, in the minimalist style better use in neutral color or monochromatic. Of course, it keeps the room adjust with the style used and makes the room does not look crowded. Bright colors are allowed but still use it in term of the modern minimalist style.

In addition to the color selection, size is a matter. Take a notice of the pattern size. Some patterns in a big size are better used in larger room either, as this particular pattern will create crowded impression in the room. Small pattern in solid range as well bring crowded impression. Consider a good balance between size and distance of the pattern since it affects the atmosphere that arises.

After selecting the appropriate style, then stay to determine its use. Will it be used on furniture or walls?  It all depends on the dwellers taste and needs. Most importantly, minimalist style rooms can be made more cheerful.