Distinctive Home Decoration

Posted on October 20, 2010

There are various ideas for the room partition. A lot of furniture item or home decorations enable to be room partition, such as a shelf of books, ornaments, glass limit, until the nylon yarn. Have you ever heard one of Feng shui tips that it is not good a wall blocking the door? The reason is the flow of air circulation into the house becomes not smooth thus potentially disrupt the family’s health. Nevertheless, it makes sense when associated with the use of semi-permanent partition. The fresh air is able to enter the room in sufficient amounts and circulated in the room if we are not using massive partition.

The problem is creating a partition is not always easy as well. A constraint most often arises is the condition of the room that is not suitable to the particular partition. for instance, the size that not adjust to the size of the room. Creating a bookshelf, you need a minimum width of 25cm. Meanwhile, the available space is often inadequate. This problem can be overcome by using glass as a partition. However, we need to consider the safety aspects, particularly if there are small children in your home. The use of tempered glass to reduce the danger, but of course there is a price to pay.

Alternatively, use insulation made of nylon line strands. This kind of partition has been sold at the gallery furniture or accessories. Even in the fabric store, this distinctive home decoration can be found, as well as at stores that sell yarn curtains at a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket. If you want some budget home decor, you can create your own. Buy kilograms or bobbin of nylon yarn, and then cut along the high ceiling. Put it in a line and arrange it one side ends to form a straight line. Do not forget to adjust the color with a flavor and atmosphere of space then see the result.