Decorative Painting as Home Decor

Posted on August 18, 2010

Generally wall painting has done routinely thus provide attractive appearance. However, some experiment with painting in a particular effect can be a choice when the walls have uneven surfaces. Otherwise the previous wall paint is difficult to be cleaned thus when apply the new color it will have dull looks instead of creating a display wall is not interesting because of the color stripes.

Then through the implementation of a decorative painting, dirt patch will be disguised with the pattern created. In addition, the color stripe is no longer a problem. Decorative painting is the way to expose the differences of the colors applied as well can be applied as home decoration. Ragging washed pattern that is created from the texture of this fabric is suitable for outside wall because the texture is rougher and more visible. Different from sponging which the techniques produce more subtle patterns that suitable for indoor to provide nice home d├ęcor either.

To obtain the desired end result, this decorative painting is divided into several steps. First, since this is the repainting, the initial process must also differ. The dirt on the painted walls must first be removed by peeling. The primary need of painting, the wall must be clean of dirt, oil, dust, mold, etc. Then, the walls are coated with sealer as the retaining wall surface.

After the sealer is dry, then apply the base paint. Use the water based acrylic paint that contains water and has a surface semi-gloss or semi gloss. Then apply water based decorative paint use the cloth wadding when the base paint is dry. The fabric texture creates ragging pattern. It will take times as the application does not use a brush or roller. Add a special additive thus the paint is not lumpy or too dry.

In a motif that uses three colors, apply the last coat after the second coat of paint completely dry. It needs approximately 24 hours. Then for the last treatment, a protective coating is given which prevents the walls from dust, mold, or dirt. The cost of decorative paint is more expensive than ordinary paint. However the quality is possibly comparable to the price.