Curtain as a Home Decor

Posted on September 2, 2010

It is able to presenting a new atmosphere at home by mixing and matching the elements of window, such as curtain or blind. The basic function of curtain and blind are providing privacy for the dwellers. In addition to its main function, it is as well as a home decoration.

There are many types of window coverings ranging from curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, wood blind, sheer, etc. Each type represents a certain style choices. A curtain that has volume with ethnic motifs or ornaments patterned commonly applied in the room or house of modern and classic Victorian style. While wood blind and roller blind that brings modern impression applied to the room with modern and minimalist style. It can also be used to reduce the maximum aperture lighting effects.

It enables to change the previous minimalist style in to classic style or Victorian. There is a tricky way to do it, simply change the blind with sheer, also use fully decorated curtain that made in heavy material. Add some accessories such as iron rails, golden curtain ring, tassel or pony which able to provide the classical impression. Meanwhile, it is able to use simpler pattern for the curtain or combine with modern accessories when changing the classic style into minimalist style. A retro designed curtain can be an option and remove sheer to bring simple impression.

Curtains enable to use in a big or long room as a temporary divider. Another thing to consider is furniture, which strengthen the impression of the room. Some home decoration such as pillowcases, wall hanging or carpet is able to unify the impression of the room, instead of changing the furniture. The function of the room itself needs to be considered when applying the home décor.  There are some guidelines to make it more comfortable especially for the dwellers. Overall, everything needs to be adjusted to the budget, theme and need.