Country Style of Home Decoration

Posted on September 6, 2010

Country style may not be the first choice when you build the house. Nevertheless, it is not a big deal whether you wish for a touch of country style in a modern kitchen. It does not need to rebuild the kitchen from the start all over again. Just add some decorative elements in country style in accordance with your personal taste to obtain the country kitchen style. In the present time, most of kitchens are built in modern and minimalist style kitchen. In addition to trends, practicality becomes the main reason for using a modern style. However, do not close the possibility, if you want to give a touch of country style in the modern kitchen.

Country kitchen always related to the use of wood materials. If your house is already using a brick wall, instead of rebuild the kitchen and then replace it with wood, better using practical way. Add approximately 4cm thick wooden panel, height 1.8 m. Wood panels sufficient to provide a natural atmosphere in the kitchen. The next step is easier. Simply add the details to emphasize the distinctive character of the kitchen. For example, it enables to place the rows of ceramic plates on glass shelves. Some flower patterned home decoration hung in the wood panels. Some decorative elements in flower design, is as well one of the typical country style of home decor.

If the kitchen is so beautiful, wood furniture is the best choice to expose the country style. Place furniture such as dining table and chairs in the same style and color tone. Round wooden table with a set of simple designed wood furniture set could be an option. You are able to choose white color as the walls, or brown as the wood panel.